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Hello Kametsu community!

I've only started regularly watching Anime this past year, and found these forums tagged and linked through various releases across p2p sites (nyaa/pantsu/anidex). Growing up, the only times I would watch Anime was on Cartoon network's Toonami, Adult Swim, or a friend's house. I had never actually experienced an entire story arc from start to finish. As much as I enjoyed most of the content, limited as it was, I had a pretty bad perception of Anime due to how annoying I found some of the fans. When I was 14, my cousin invited me to volunteer in his department (Programming Operations) at Anime Expo 2006 at the Anaheim Convention Center. It was an incredibly rewarding experience being surrounded by such passionate people. Being 14, I wasn't officially allowed to register as a volunteer or staff, but I was granted an unofficial staff badge through the head of the programming division. Long story short... When the opportunity to (unofficially) staff was offered following years, I accepted...For the next 6 years I would staff Anime Expo's Programming Operations and by 2013 I became its Manager. However in contrast to my peers and predecessors, I didn't watch any Anime; even after 8 years working AX.

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