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New here, pretty new to anime in general!


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Hi everyone!


I'm a massive Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and One Piece fan from way back, and I just got into anime by re-watching (and in some cases watching certain eps for the first time) those series, prompted by the re-dub of the 90's Sailor Moon. I'm still finishing off watching newer stuff from One Piece, still adoring it, and a friend shoved Ouran at me, which I also loved, and so here I am. I'm looking to expand my horizons, anime-wise. I like watching complete shows, because long breaks between seasons make me lose interest, and I struggle to pick things back up, unless it's INSANELY good. I'm the same with books and manga. If the series doesn't have a resolution, I'm not starting the series until it does, I'm a little scared it won't ever resolve, and then I'll wonder about it forever.. Thanks for that one, George R R Martin!


So anyways, suggestions more than welcome, and I'll see everyone around!

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