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  1. 6 months between releases is a bit ridiculous, gotta be honest. And from what I've seen, still no release date on the horizon except a special next year? Come on, Funimation... the fans you did have left are dwindling!
  2. I adore my switch. I have a portable stand and powerbank combo that works perfectly for me for long trips, like long train or plane journeys, otherwise I just charge it when I'm not playing. You get about 3 hours in portable without charging, which really when you think about it is pretty decent for how powerful it is. I do like it in docked mode too though, it's perfect for all around gaming. Sometimes I'm playing in docked and I get a call to go out someplace, I can literally just pause it, take it with me, and keep playing on the train. Or I'll be playing in handheld mode and I get tired of holding it, or looking at the smaller screen, just pop it in the dock and keep playing without the weight of the console, on my big tv. You can even play with your joycons at your side, one in each hand, totally relaxed. It's a really versatile console, and for someone like me, who hasn't had much time for gaming recently, it's a godsend. I'd never have had the time for a home console, and my eyes get too tired sometimes with the tiny screens of my 3ds. The switch is the perfect balance. I'm obviously hugely biased because the switch is my gaming saviour, but seriously, get a switch.
  3. Thanks. Madman only has up to 504 (collection 41) released, I could import them, but I'm happy to wait for local stock, so long as I know an approximate timeline. I'll be waiting a little longer than you guys, but it's not too bad!
  4. Which episode is the dub currently up to? I can't get Funimation in my country to check. I'm waiting on DVD releases, but I haven't seen any news as to when the next one will be, and not knowing what ep they're upto, I'm unsure how far out they'll even be.
  5. I loved Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball growing up, but it never really went much further. After I lost my pregnancy, I was pretty depressed and was looking for something to cheer me up, so I re-watched the original Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, before looking for something else to keep that escapism going. I fell upon Ouran High School Host Club through some recommendations, and that was it really, I was totally hooked! Right now I'm watching Bleach, after burning through a ton of other animes. Anime can be so light-hearted and fun, and the emotions creep up on you. It's slowly helping my heart to heal. I have so many half-read books and half-watched movies around the place because I just couldn't stand to finish them, it hurt too much. But there's something about anime that lets me feel again, rather than seeing it coming and wanting to run away from it, I'm eager for the plot twists again. I even watched a really sad live-action movie the other day, and I got all the way through. Anime is healing my heart in a way no other media could do - not movies, books, comics, music, anything. I don't think I'll ever stop watching anime now!
  6. Dragon Ball, Hellsing Ultimate, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Attack on Titan Tokyo Ghoul, and Steins Gate are among my absolute favourites... If you're going for funny, FMA:B gets me, as does the original Dragon Ball. But this is coming from a One Piece fan, so don't feel bad if you don't agree with all of these!
  7. I just can't do Japanese VAs for the really intense anime, like fighting stuff - I have pretty weirdly sensitive hearing, and it's just a touch too high-pitched in parts for me to enjoy, so Funimation Dub it is. Also rocks the nostalgia factor with me, since I grew up on the English dub. Bring it on, Funimation...
  8. Hard Rock and Metal over here.
  9. Vanilla Coke. It's my favourite non-alcoholic beverage. It is just about the only thing I can keep down whenever I'm nauseous, hence my addiction, as sometimes it's practically my life force, lol. Has anyone ever been to another country and drank coke? It's so different in each country. In 3rd world countries that have it, it's massively watered down. I seriously was drinking it in other countries, and getting used to it then coming home and not being able to handle too much coke, and having to switch to another drink because ours was too strong. Actually, Panadol is similar - whenever I go to a 3rd world country, I buy panadol, because the stuff made in Ethiopia and exported around to them is stronger - I guess they can't afford as much medical care, so it has to be? I had heatstroke on holiday the first time I bought it and my head was killing me, and my body ached from sunburn (customs confiscated my suncreen, long story) - and I was absolutely fine after a few minutes. Miracle cure - but the labels list the ingredients as being the same as ours. Maybe it has *secret ingredients*...
  10. Right now I have a 3DS, Wii and PS2... I've been gaming on PC for the last few years obviously, and just have my 3DS for portable. I really want a switch though... that rabbid in a Peach costume is the thing I need most in life, haha!
  11. Goku, because he's funny as shit, and because residual love from Dragonball. He was better in Dragonball though. I'm also a huge fan of Chi Chi - I think Z ruined her character though, she was always so sweet but badass! Vegeta has his moments, but I prefer Bulma..
  12. Hi everyone! I'm a massive Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and One Piece fan from way back, and I just got into anime by re-watching (and in some cases watching certain eps for the first time) those series, prompted by the re-dub of the 90's Sailor Moon. I'm still finishing off watching newer stuff from One Piece, still adoring it, and a friend shoved Ouran at me, which I also loved, and so here I am. I'm looking to expand my horizons, anime-wise. I like watching complete shows, because long breaks between seasons make me lose interest, and I struggle to pick things back up, unless it's INSANELY good. I'm the same with books and manga. If the series doesn't have a resolution, I'm not starting the series until it does, I'm a little scared it won't ever resolve, and then I'll wonder about it forever.. Thanks for that one, George R R Martin! So anyways, suggestions more than welcome, and I'll see everyone around!
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