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  1. Favorite Type of Music

    Hard Rock and Metal over here.
  2. Pepsi or Coke?

    Vanilla Coke. It's my favourite non-alcoholic beverage. It is just about the only thing I can keep down whenever I'm nauseous, hence my addiction, as sometimes it's practically my life force, lol. Has anyone ever been to another country and drank coke? It's so different in each country. In 3rd world countries that have it, it's massively watered down. I seriously was drinking it in other countries, and getting used to it then coming home and not being able to handle too much coke, and having to switch to another drink because ours was too strong. Actually, Panadol is similar - whenever I go to a 3rd world country, I buy panadol, because the stuff made in Ethiopia and exported around to them is stronger - I guess they can't afford as much medical care, so it has to be? I had heatstroke on holiday the first time I bought it and my head was killing me, and my body ached from sunburn (customs confiscated my suncreen, long story) - and I was absolutely fine after a few minutes. Miracle cure - but the labels list the ingredients as being the same as ours. Maybe it has *secret ingredients*...
  3. Which console do you have own?

    Right now I have a 3DS, Wii and PS2... I've been gaming on PC for the last few years obviously, and just have my 3DS for portable. I really want a switch though... that rabbid in a Peach costume is the thing I need most in life, haha!
  4. Favorite DBZ Character

    Goku, because he's funny as shit, and because residual love from Dragonball. He was better in Dragonball though. I'm also a huge fan of Chi Chi - I think Z ruined her character though, she was always so sweet but badass! Vegeta has his moments, but I prefer Bulma..
  5. Hi everyone! I'm a massive Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and One Piece fan from way back, and I just got into anime by re-watching (and in some cases watching certain eps for the first time) those series, prompted by the re-dub of the 90's Sailor Moon. I'm still finishing off watching newer stuff from One Piece, still adoring it, and a friend shoved Ouran at me, which I also loved, and so here I am. I'm looking to expand my horizons, anime-wise. I like watching complete shows, because long breaks between seasons make me lose interest, and I struggle to pick things back up, unless it's INSANELY good. I'm the same with books and manga. If the series doesn't have a resolution, I'm not starting the series until it does, I'm a little scared it won't ever resolve, and then I'll wonder about it forever.. Thanks for that one, George R R Martin! So anyways, suggestions more than welcome, and I'll see everyone around!