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Hi, hello. I don't remember how I found Kametsu, probably while looking for things to download on the web, but the site seems really well organized and put together so I've been wanting to join for a bit. I have a casual interest in web design and UX (I might go back to school for a degree in it) and I really like how this website is designed. A lot of forums have this outdated feel. 

Aside from my interest in web development and design, I've been a fan of anime, manga, video games, and all the associated Japanese media related to it since I was 12. So almost 23 years now. Wow, I feel old. Things are a lot more convenient now in terms of getting access to it in the US and I also speak Japanese more or less fluently, so I am not sure why I am still downloading copies. I guess I just like collecting things and it's become an end in itself? I'm also a writer, I'm interested in developing text-based or simple graphics games, and I run a Japanese tutoring group on Discord. 

My favorite anime are probably Revolutionary Girl Utena and Aoharu x Kikanjuu. I try and watch a bit of everything, though, and right now I've been steadily making my way through all the anime in the A section of Crunchyroll. (Right now I'm watching Aquarion and Aquarion Evol.) 

Anyway, it's nice to meet all of you. 

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