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Banned from Hummingbird (kitsu) so im coming here, lets hope i can enjoy this place


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You need to make a post before you can get a profile pic and edit your shit? Is that true? Is this an epic baiting tool into forcing people to post? Why post if you have no image for people to associate you with?! Why even have an avatar on this website if you aren't going to post? I find this highly confusing, but lets pray that after doing this I can put a cute anime girl next to my name that will allow me to fall asleep tonight. If not than this whole charade will be mighty embarrassing. Oh wait... Who cares!? This is a random anime internet forum, I AM IMMUNE! (probably)

Anyways here is my mal: https://myanimelist.net/profile/teshr0
Lets hope i can force myself to make some posts here and come to enjoy it, and if you are reading this please comment with anything so I know that I am real. Oh and I got banned for being too offensive for reasons that should be self evident at this point with how I speak and say things but whatever.

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