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Sup All! Hope to be helpful one day to you all.


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Hey everyone, names UsifRenegade. Been into anime now as far back as i can remember and been collecting for pretty much that long also. I hope once Fiber is laid down in my area I can start returning back to the community that has helped me over the last decade. I have a lot of series which I'm sure are not available anymore. I try and strive to collect series at their highest quality and seed as much as I can (Though poor effort since AUS is a P.O.S. and throttles us at 240kb/s & doesn't help we have data limits) and hopefully when fiber comes in have the backing of 5MB/s seed.


Over the last.. 12 years I've collected roughly 9TB of anime. This would've have been more if I was not bottlenecked by HDD's, caps & losses over the years. That collection consists of:

* 55 Movies (Mostly 1080p)

* 428 Shows on the first HDD (8TB or 7.27TB to be specific)

* 154 Shows on the second HDD (4TB but shared for various things -- These are mostly new shows that aired recently + 720p / 1080p of older shows).


If you have any questions regarding what I have, please feel free to ask. Either way feel free to ask anything =).


Thank you for having me here in at Kametsu.


- Renegade

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