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Hi, i'm new here and my name is Anthony, however i go by A.J. I'm a senior in Highschool. I'll watch just about any decent anime/cartoon. I mainly watch dubbed anime, as i am legally blind and it hard for me to keep up with the subtitles.I also love playing video games. 

here is a list of all the cartoons and anime i've watched. (i'm always looking for new shows to watch)


Evil Con Carnie 

Billy and Mandy

Johnny Bravo 


Powerpuff Girls

Ren and stimpy (and sadly adult party cartoon)

Rockos modern life

Angry Beavers


Johnny quest

Almost all the hanna barbara cartoons that aired on boomerang. 

Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi

Dexters Lab 

Cow and chicken

and much more


SAO 1 and part of SAO 2 (had to stop when they were looking for the sword)

Kill La Kill 

Space Dandy

Grave of The fireflies

Sprited away




DBZKAI (nicktoons/Vortexx/Toonami(

All DB/DBZ movies. Tried to watch the gt movie and i couldn't finish it

Dead Man Wonderland 

Death Note

Cowboy Bebop 


Sailor Moon (when it was on toonami)

Zatch Bell

Bobobo Bo Bo

i know there more but it would take a while to list off everything. 

some games i love

Shenmue 1 and 2

all GTA games


Bayonneta 1 and 2

Superman 64 (just kidding)

Infamus 1/second son (i've played some of 2)

Systems i own


Ps1,2,4 (sold my ps3)

Wii U


Super boy (plays snes games on the go)

had a sega cd and sega saturn

Anyhow i'm sorry if this was to much. 

PSN AtariFanboy1977. 

WiiU Shenmueguy

Thanks for allowing me to enter the forums and i hope to meet some new people. 


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