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  1. Hi everyone! I have been going through my VHS tapes and I found more than a few I want to digitize and I was wondering if an easycap would do the job? I have read many reviews and some people love the device and others hate it. I have also read about some users having many problems. Would you all recommend it for simply converting my tapes over.
  2. Well my computer with my projects stopped working and I might have lost all my work so until further notice all my projects are canceled EXEPT the yu you haksho anime works dub and the nicktoons DBZ kai. I have a secondary PC that I backed those up on shortly before my other one crashed. 

    1. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      What're you working on?

    2. Toonamivhs


      I am/was working on

      Yu yu hakisho the movie (anime works dub) 

      Sailor moon  DIC dub TV version

      Dragon ball kai nocktoons network TV-Rips 

      Powderpuff girls z DVD/TV

      Some 4kids one piece 

      Harvey birdman the complete series

      The brak show complete series 

      Mushi-shi English dub 

      Heavens lost property angel of clockwork(all links on here are dead) 

  3. I'm working on uploading the TV Edited Version of Sailor Moon. More info will be available once everything is ready. 

    1. ElementalCards


      I haven't forgotten your encodes. I'll get to them.

  4. Hi everyone! I recently got a new computer and I figured I'd transfer my some of my content over from my DVR to my pc. How would I go about doing this? My DVR Model is a Cisco explorer 8640HDC and my cable company is charter. Thanks in advance.
  5. Are these episodes from the rock the dragon set or are they old toonami/cartoon network recordings, also could you list the episodes? Thanks
  6. Well, from a religious standpoint, I do know why they're offended and opposed by it. I don't agree at all which is why I'm not caught up in the crowd. Let's use Christianity as an example. The Bible says, Leviticus 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them. So if the religious teachings say it's wrong, and religion is all about doing and living upon these teachings then it would only be natural that a Christian's duty is to try and curb this behavior from anyone, either to save the sinner's wretched soul or just to clean up God's green earth. Along with not acting upon sinful behavior, cleansing it from society would show loyalty to the religion and the object of worship, whatever that may be. I believe you qouted the old testiment. I could be wrong though. In my opinion the bible isn't the best book of worship. Simply because it has been re written so many times we really don't know. Nobody has the first print. The book was created by gods decipels or so it says. It also states that man is inperfect therefore aren't the translations by gods decipals imperfect. I also do not believe in killing. I would never take someone's life unless I had to. Also I've tried to talk to homosexuals about the act and they honestly don't care. The way I see it why try to convince them if they have heard it time and time again. Lastly it is there life if they gay then that's ok.
  7. I am 100% supportive of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. There are so many different aspects of sexuality, biology, and everything else in life that are all just as normal as the other. Although a male and female pairing is the natural standard, given how most are attracted to the opposite sex and how male and female genitals are designed to coincide with one-another, that doesn't make male/male or female/female relations wrong. I will make one confession and throw rocks at me if you'd like, but I do tend to be more emotionally invested in heterosexual romance than homosexual romance. I am agnostic. I never really was religious, and at a certain point, I had to come to terms with what I actually believe. I mean, anything could be out there, it's such a wide array of if, why, or how that I don't even want to think about it. I think why I enjoy being a free thinker more than anything else are the silly rules that various religions come up with, like having pride is a sin, or you're forbidden to eat beef, forbidden to eat pork, and all of the various laws that hinder sexuality or even the type of clothes you wear. Since when did sex become such a bad thing? It feels good, it's exercise, and it's how we all came to be, quite frankly. But I'm rambling now. I don't even think there is a definitive answer because my history with anime goes back to a very young age so it'd be hard to remember but I'd have to say Dragon Ball Z. That was the first anime I definitely saw from beginning to end. I think it was Pokemon. Then DBZ followed not to long after when I was like 3-4. It really depends on the material. If I'm watching anime in a social capacity, I'll watch either one. Sometimes Dubs and Subs are so distant that they're incomparable (though enjoyable all the same). Like I said, it depends, but I'd have to say Sub if we're speaking in general because I find that some Dubs don't capture the mood or the characters at all. Gee, too many to choose from. I'll have to say Speed Grapher. It was a total piece of shit from beginning to end and Chris Sabat as the lead didn't help things. I also have a strong disdain for any anime that involves some recurring comedy schtick where in the male protagonist accidentally stumbles onto the female protagonist naked or in her underwear and this is apparently so embarrassing that it can't go without a forced violent reaction like pummeling or through the stupid guy into a rock, etc. i agree with you 100% on the homosexuality. I'll admit that while i really don't like homosexual behavior, i also see nothing wrong with it. It isn't hurting me in any way so what is the problem. I believe in living live how you wanna live it. About the religion. I can see what you mean. However, i'm a christian, but i don't really read the bible. I just feel that a lot of the stuff in the bible just doesn't seem right, or i completely constricts itself. Anyhow, thanks for commenting man. I'll see you around.
  8. Ok serious stuff first What are your views on homosexuality? Do you worship any god or gods? if so what religion are you part of? now that the serious questions are out of the way What was the fist anime you ever finished? Do you remember what the first anime you ever watched was? Do you prefer dubs or subs What is your least favorite anime series of all time?
  9. I'm wondering is there a way to record the livestream? I like to watch a toonami livestream each Saturday, and i want to try to record them. Is there any way of doing that? Thanks
  10. I've got an internal 80gig hard drive. (i'll buy an external eventually)
  11. So do you guys like watching anime subbed or dubbed? For those who hate dubbed, why? Lastly, is there anything that bothers you about the commubity? For me I watch dubbed. The reason, I can't keep up with everything at once. Lastly a lot of the subbed community bothers me because they hate and bash anything dubbed because it isn't good enough for them. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
  12. I had forgotten about that FMA Brotherhood episode. But yeah grave of the fireflies is just depressing. Incredibly so when your little sister is around the age of the girl in the film.
  13. Since I was born in 98, I can barely remember a time without internet. I was around 3 when my parents let me on the computer for the first time. I was shocked that internet existed. I remember we had sail up until I was around 8. I also remember web searching for the first time. I looked up spongebob. I found nicks site, I then clicked on a link, waited for a while, and watching a clip of the show. My mind was blown.
  14. I have listened to a few j-pop bands and I like what I've heard. I've listened to perfume and puffy amyumi. So any suggestions?
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