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Hello ? I don't even know what's going on


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Hello ? Why am i writing this ? i just wanna watch oda nobuna :'(


I recently joined the anime community, living oblivious to this amazing world for 22 years untill i finally gave in and started HS DxD in january, been hooked ever sins. Now i was introduced to animeDB and trying to figure out how to find downloads and stuff (quite the hassle imo), and suddenly i ended up here.


am i doing this right ? i don't even know what i'm doing.



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Heey! DxD is magnificent. Rias might be the reason i decided to take a look at this strange consept of anime but that hilarious story, magnificent art and wounderfull carakters is what made me dive head first into this world.(not to mention the dirty jokes.. damn, i'm childish i know:D)

aren't we all if my family knew about even half of the stuff i watch which can termed as "cartoon porn" i would die of embarrassment ...

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