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  1. All I remember from watching it is a Guitar and a vespa ... sometimes you just have to let it go, just cuz something is weird and hard to understand doesn't mean it is necessarily good.
  2. Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda ... where is mah jojo
  3. I think us old members have reached a saturation about the things we would like to discuss ...
  4. gate jsdf +1 ... though i haven't seen all of them gate is simply fun to watch/read
  5. F/N ubw does any 1 know the date for the dub release ?

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    2. Koby


      ~February or March.

    3. Koby


      This is just guessing based on how long after the R1 Sub only release that the R1 dual release came. Part 2 sub-only release comes out in October; so 5 months later would be late feb or early march.

    4. skate.101


      k so no official date out yet thanx man

  6. man f**k these stupid anime ... korean and chinese LN here i cum

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    2. skate.101


      ln = light novel @staticx jes jes jes

    3. Nintendon't


      I heard the Vietnamese ones were pretty good

    4. Koby


      stop 'cum'ing all over the keyboard...

  7. http://tinyurl.com/ps9sq37
    1. professa X

      professa X

      perfect 10 sec sync

  8. the manga that you want to translate essentially is a bunch of image files that have been captured through a scanner so no software or a supercomputer will be able to help you translate it just by a click and reading Japanese and translating using a dictionary will be a real pain unless you wanna continue translating in the future which can turn into a nice hobby.
  9. So i have been playing world of warcraft for over a year now on a private server and have found it addictive yet frustrating to play a game without a pause button and a "not so friendly" community.So i was thinking if there are any good alternatives of wow which have the same experience like gearing your character and leveling it up but without the mmo angle to it so that i can play it by myself without any sort of interaction with other people and yet have a similar gaming experience. PS i do not own any console just a laptop and yes i simply love tower defense games as well i am not much of a graphics enthusiast so mind blowing graphics isn't something i look for in any video games.
  10. Done i tried to add some relevent tags :embarassed: Do you mean like reinstall and format everthing before i start using it ? btw the lappy was a gift from my uncle
  11. omg yes that icon why didnt i think of typing house like icon i kept googleing home icon missing @[email protected] aparaently its an app called pokki and it came preinstalled on my lenova laptop ty guys so much for your reply really appreciated ... manly tears of joy
  12. for the love of god what was this icon called and how do i get it back in the taskmenu of windows 8.1 http://i.imgur.com/Bgu16la.png

  13. okay so this may sound a bit stupid but i just reinstalled windows 8 and i forgot how i got this icon before . When clicked it looked like startmenu and also had a favourites area.Google hasnt been helpfull and i am getting all parenoid now .thankfully i had a SS from before which i have clipped and highlighted the icon which belonged to the TASKBAR.Pls help losing my marbles here
  14. should i just watch the remaining Bakemonogatari seasons subbed or is there a chance of a dub soon reading all this shit ton of text at lightning speed spoils the fun ...

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