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Hey... I'm actually an incredibly forum shy person.. so... sorry if I don't talk all too much. I still appreciate everything I promise!


I looked at the rules... I found Kametsu whilst looking for an old forum I used to frequent... so far... I don't really know what I think because I don't know if my friends are here yet. That old forum dying meant I lost contact with some people I valued the company of. My favourite anime is Dragon Ball Z though.


Hobbies... I'm a comic artist!


Thanks for having me. Again, I'm sorry if I shy away...

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Thanks, Mike. Hopefully eventually I can share my comics, yeah.


Ha, Rockman X. I'm sure I have in the past when I was younger and my brother was really into him, but I haven't tried since!


I found a couple of them actually, LimitLess! And thanks, I never really think of that, haha. Being someone who doesn't really talk on forums.


Thanks for all your warm welcomes!

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