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I stumbled across this site and it looked interesting.  I used to be a fairly avid anime fan back in high school, watching my friend's VHS tapes of Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Evangelion, etc.  When I finally got a DVD player, one of the first titles I bought was Spirited Away.  Then, after college, I started getting into other things and slowly drifted away from anime.  


Awhile back, I caught a trailer for Psycho-Pass and thought it looked like a Blade Runner/X-Files cross - right up my alley.  I ended up watching Psycho-Pass, Black Lagoon and Requiem for the Phantom, and got bit by the bug again!  I've been watching mostly newer stuff (made in the last ten years) but have revisited a couple from the old days.  Cowboy Bebop stood up very well and I actually enjoyed Serial Experiments Lain a lot more than when I was sixteen.


Looking forward to discussing anime with all of you and finding some great new art to watch!

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