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My name is Flip, found this site by googling "best website to download dubbed anime" so you all should feel very proud of yourselves, and I have now idea how you're not able to get $87 donated with this site being on the first page of my google search, i bet a shit ton of people come here, HELP OUT FELLA'S!  This place is pretty sick so far, i hate that i had to register to download stuff but now that i'm here i'm happy it was required and plan on making it my new 'reddit'.  Naruto is probs my current favorite but DeathNote, FMA: Brotherhood, SoulEater, and Fairy Tail are all my next tops.  Zatch Bell and Attack on Titan brought me here so hopefully i can find those.  One thing i noticed that you should add is a search bar on the page with anime, not sure if i'm just missing it or not but it sucks scrolling through all this japanese stuff.  Dark Souls, WoW, LoL, and the new Adventure Time Battle Party is where its at fellas, hit me up if you wanna add me.  Hobby?  I am good with computer.  I really wanna learn 3d modeling, i've experimented with it a few times, got some stuff down but the only problems i have are with interface, i have no idea what buttons do what and where they are, too many too cray.  Got a friend that's really good with programming and he said if i could learn the modeling we could start making game mods which we have done a little.  Welp that's my intro, time to head into the anime abyss!  LEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRROYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111sevenatenine

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