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Hello, I'd like to introduce myself!


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Hello friends,


I am Pokebober. I found kametsu searching google for cartoons. The website looks really clean and somewhat easy to navigate. I plan to pop in 1-4 times a week checkin out the forums.


Top 5 Anime:


5. Kill La Kill

4. Mayo Chiki

3. Danganronpa: the Animation

2. Nisekoi

1. Oregairu/Accel World


Top 5 Video Games:


5. Ratchet and Clank (choose any one from the main series)

4. Danganronpa 2

3. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future/Azran Legacy

2. Ace Attorney (any from main series)

1. Mario Kart 8


My hobbies are mostly video games so that list was really hard to compose... I hope to have a good time here in these forums!

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