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Hello from Kanwa


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Hi there,


How did you find Kametsu?

Google ^^


What do you think of the place so far?

A wonderful dark forum style,

Interessting people and topics.


How active are you planning on being?

Just a little, i'm more the type of still reading topics.

But i will do my best :)


What are your top five anime?

- Non Non Biyori

- Strike Witches

- Spice and Wolf

- Chrome Shelled Regios

- K-on!


Top five video games?

- Skyrim

- Tomb Raider

- The Last of Us


- Alan Wake


What other hobbies do you have?

Do sports, listen to music and meet friends.


Make any graphics?



Do you have any questions for us?




Greetings from Germany,


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