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I used to be a frequent viewer of Cartoon-Worlds, & am learning the new site.  My favorite Anime of all time would be the Macross Series, not Robotech, but the original Macross: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross series. Naturally I also like all the Macross Series that followed, even 7. Like most I like all the some-what current series: Bleach (I hope CN will push the creation of the final arch since they are coming to the end of the series), Naruto Shippuuden, One Piece, Blue Excorsits, most of the Gundam Series (especially the ones in the universal continum timeline, although I really love 00 even though its in an alt time line), Afro-Samurai, and the list could go on for ever. I am very happy to hear that Durahraha(sp) and Sword Art Online are getting new seasons made. Sad that the creator/writer of Trinity Blade died in that car accident, because I really enjoyed that series.

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