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my name is nardy

I am a 34 year old IT professional.

I'm also a married father of 3. 2 boys and a girl.

Ive actually been a member of this forum a very very long time but I havent visited in years. 

So long in fact I think I only had one kid in the beginning but as the family grew, my time to watch anime and mess around on the web began to shrink. I also used to be a huge gamer back then but have since then only play a few hours a weak with COD taking the lions share of my game time. I,ve never been a computer gamer as I have always preferred a controller but will eventually build my first rig this year. For now I have a PS4, PS3, wiiU, 3ds and vita. As you may have guessed my eldest son spends most the time with them though.


Koby is actually still on my facebook and google friends list.

Of course you know the site looks completely different to me as its been through one hell of a super saiyan like transformation since the old days of english dub kingdom or whatever it used to be called. I was especially surprised to find my account was still active. Anyways just wanted to say hi, and to say I love the new site.I cant promise a ton of future activity but I will poke my nose in from time to time.


My top five anime:


1. Dragonball franchise

2. Naruto Shippudden

3. Bleach

4. One Piece

5, Kenshin

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