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Hello! This is my welcome thread.


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Hello Kametsu,


I found this website by searching around for the Ocean Dragon Box dub of DBZ, it was quite a puzzle as there were many redirects, but I found you at last.


As everyone can tell, my favorite anime is Dragon Ball, and my favorite character is none other than Son Goten, because he is a Goku clone, and is way stronger than him when he was 7. Thus, his potential is amazing. People often say that Gohan is strong too; I agree! His ethical demeanor, as well as his lust for education is something to be valued. Of course, since Goten is the youngest, he is more lax.


I come from a very cold country, one where Anime is very widely known, besides when it hit full force in the 90's, where Dragon Ball was part of the sample episodes we got.


From there, I delved deep into the world of YuYu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Bleach, Hellsing, and many other animes which I cannot remember off the top of my head.


Now that things have settle down in life, I can go back to enjoying the finer things that art has to offer, and that includes anime, and video games.


If anybody has any anime or videogame suggestions, please go ahead and pm me! 


I left Bleach after the 200th episode when it aired, and Naruto during the fillers when we were getting shippuden. I want to get back on the horse, I really do.


I'm looking into buying a projector which really does anime justice, and trying to reverse some macroblocking on anime dvds too. I got a few programs that do the trick for real-life, I just hope they don't delete the grain from anime dvds.


If you want to know about removing macroblocks on your anime, let me know, we can do comparisons to see if the results are satisfactory!



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