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Hey there!


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Welcome to kametsu forums


Glad to see you've already started with your avatar

Thank you! 

Yeah, I tried to add one before I posted. But it wouldn't let me.

All good now though ;D



Cool super Robot avatar.

Thank youuu

Now I just need to go back and actually /watch/ Gundam. All I've seen is (don't laugh at me) G-Gundam. 



hi Jo! ;)


saw your Tumblr pic, so you're using Canon.

im into Street Photography, using Fujifilm XT1.

Oh wow, that's a pricey little thing. It's a mirrorless camera but you can still use interchangeable lenses right?

I'm actually shooting on a Nikon. I've got a D3100. Been using it for almost 3 years now. I love it, but I'm still learning. Flash and lighting are my biggest obstacles right now. 

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