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Hey im new to this site im gonna be posting stuff about some of the other sites besides this one where i watch and download anime if anybody has any questions just let me know

www.animefave.net  this for me is the easiest site to use i have never had any problems finding or downloading anime from here great selection and easy steps to download anime check it out

just finished watching season 1 of attack on titan can't wait for season 2

fairy tail is one of my favourite animes alongside tenjou tenge and bleach

really need a new anime to watch

and i think i found it

wolf's rain watched when i was younger but never watched it all, think im gonna do that

i want to download anime from this site

but i have to post on it first 15 times

does anyone know of any good anime to watch

I would be grateful for any suggestions

im almost at 15 posts only 3 more after this one

2 more

1 more

last one

time to download

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1 suggestion. Don't spam the forums just to get your post count up. It'll look bad.

Ok now OT: Welcome to Kametsu. I've never heard of animefave so I don't have any input on that. As for you waiting for SnK S2; I can't wait either lol. I am looking forward to GGO (SAO S2). Fairy Tail is also one of my favorites. Erza Scarlet has to be my favorite character. Who's yours? I've never heard of Wolf Rain but I'll read up on it to see if I'd like it. If you could tell me a little about it thatd probably help too. Ad for any suggestions I'll go with the usual Clannad and Clannad After Story, Darker than Black, Kill LA Kill, Soul Eater just to name a few. Well that's it. Hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions feel free to post them or message me.

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Hello Jasmaz43,


Welcome to Kametsu, I can see your main purpose here would be to download. If that is the case like DeathTheKid stated spamming to get to 15 posts wont work on our forum, sure you may get there but over time if a mod/admin finds you posts spam worthy they will remove them thus bringing your post count down.


I see you like Bleach, I am a fan of Bleach to, I also have Fairy Tale on my to watch list and can't wait for Attack on Titan to be dubbed.


If you need any help, feel free to ask myself or a fellow mod/admin. Take care.




Welcome posts usually get put into the SeeD Hallway, I have already asked for this post to be moved so no need to worry about that.

Edited by J-Lord
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