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Lily Moonlight

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Hiyas, I'm new here and was on the search for a friendly and cuddly anime/manga and video games forums, that isn't full of trolls ruining people's days and thread ):. I took a bit of a looksee and I really like how the rules are and people interact, hoping I'll have a chance here :D'' (I always feel like I'm boring the crap outta people :C).


A bit about me...


I don't think age really matters, but I'm in my early twenties, still have the feel to be like a giddy cheerful teenager. I really love bunnies, probably my most favorite animal, but I do like the occasional frogs and penguins n_n;. I like anything associated with night time, like moons and stars, foresty nature stuff, and then cheerful bright rainbows. My favorite color is blue and green! 


I would love to tell more about me but I feel that it's better and fun if I talk about with others! (Which I think I am doing that now lol) 


Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to the forum, Lily! No worries about boring people, there is no one on this planet more boring than me.


We try to keep things on the up and up, so I'm glad the place has had a good impression on you. Bunnies are cool, they are pleasant to look at. One time I followed a toad while I was walking around my dorms a few years back--it let me follow it for maybe two minutes before it hopped into the grass and I couldn't see it any more. Rainbows are indeed very cool.


How do you feel about insects and spiders? I quite like butterflies and don't mind the existence of spiders in my home. They eat all the other stupid bugs, assuming they aren't all eaten by my cats.


Anyway, enjoy your stay and let us know if you run into any issues~

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