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(Not so) new account here


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Hello everyone,


first of all i'm 34 years old and from germany. As one can see this account was created a few months back but not used, this fact is the reason for the name of the titel. Now i remembered creating it and thought why not use it. I think i found this place when looking for the origin of the uploader of some torrents on nyaa.


I watch anime but i would call me far away from an otaku or something like that, one could call me a loose fallower of the scene. Furthermore i'm more interested in VNs in recent days what also brought me to learning japanese which ironically cuts back on the time i have for watching animes. So i'm content with watching Railgun S, Danganronpa and Highschool DxD New (for the perv in me) as of now, but to be honest, the last one is somehow boring me already. Maybe i will pick up the new Fate-series instead.


Other then that i was once in mmos (like many people i guess) but the whole genre is dead for me for some time now, i find no joy in it anymore because of the stagnancy, not to mention that the p2p-model is pretty much dead and i despise f2p or b2p. When i play a game nowadays it is some indy-titel in the most cases, i normally steer clear from the big titels and puplishers (i have sworn to myself never to buy a game from EA again, that includes pirating).




I think that's it for my brief introduction, hopping for a warm welcome and...yeah...

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Welcome Prosix,


That is a nice brief introduction, most of the time it is hard to get 10 words out of a new member as they are more interested in the downloads that are around this forum. By reading your introduction I can see that you aren't here for the download (well not entirely) so I hope that we will see you around the forum contributing to the forum just by posting in forums that catch your interest.


I haven't watch any of the above animes you stated but 2 are on my to watch list (High School DxD and Railgun S) Though I prefer to watched dubbed anime so I will wait till them both get dubbed.


I have played a few MMO's in the past, my most recent was Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was an alright game but the main story got very boring as it repeated itself. Thought that is just how I felt.


Well I hope you enjoy yourself here and if you have any questions feel free to ask a mod/admin or myself, you will also find rules, guidelines and FAQ's close by. Hope to see you around.

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I came to danganronpa more or less by chance. I stumbled across it browsing the fansubgroups for this season. The name catched my eye because i have seen it mentioned here and there, so i looked into it. I know there is a game (several to be precise) and that the first one is fantranslated, but then i have to hassle around with an emulator and find an iso (ok, the latter part shouldn't be so hard), maybe someday. But it should also get an official western release i read.

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