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I'm a newbie!


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I'm a newbie! I'm a newbie!

I just found this awesome forum, desperately looking for a hi-def Escaflowne videos. I don't usually register for the sake of downloading one particular anime (so I give up and try other searched results), but this time, I had to.  The forum looked very clean, well-organized, and full of all kinds of greatness. I could immediately see that this was one of the forums that would make my life much easier and much happier, for sure: Something that would be loved by many good people for a long time and that would last for a long time.


So here I am... The catch is that you need to post 15 entries in order to download stuff, so I would like to spam a little bit with my worthless posts. Sorry ;) Since I don't know where to talk about my meaningless existence, I came here. Look at me! Look at me! The spam monster inside me has grown this large... haha. Thanks, Balamb Cafe. My gotta-post-15 assignment starts... now!

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Welcome Kyrie the new Newbie. (No offense intended)


I am glad to see you find the forum a nice and well organized place and like EO said where your honesty is nice you will find spamming here won't get you very far towards the 15 posts. If your goal is 15 posts it doesn't take very long to make 15 meaningful and on topic posts, do this and you will find your posts will have a long life, spam and you will find yourself and a world of hurt (Please don't take that comment in a real bad way.)


Once again welcome and please enjoy your stay.

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Whoa, I swear, I really tried to find a place for newbies to say hello, thinking that every community would have one somewhere, but just couldn't. Well, here it is!! XD


Thank you for moving my misplaced newbie greeting here, EO!

Reading other's comments as well, I realized my word choice was not right. "Spamming" is my way to say updating/replying 15 posts in a quite short amount of time. I just had a guilty feeling about it, you see... It might be the only time I would actively comment on others. Nonetheless, I meant no harm, and I always try to be polite and follow the rules! :D I looked for any casual topics I can casually (but appropriately) reply, and that's what I did. ;)


And thank you everyone for the warm comments here! It feels truly great to be welcomed. I don't necessarily expect such responses, and this is a very nice surprise. After a while of exploring here and there, I really fell in love with this place.


Thanks, and I'm having a lot of fun, yay!

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It's okay, haha. It's not always clear where stuff should go, and it takes like half a second to move posts around, so it's not a big deal.


And we like new people! We just get a lot of leechers and we get turned off when we see hints of that. Like I said, I already checked out your posts and they all checked out, so no worries about being in trouble or anything.


Don't feel guilty about posting a lot, when I'm feeling especially chatty, my face will pop up all over the place too. That's just how it is. ouo


I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so far~

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