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Welcome to the forum!


We don't use chairs here. No, not after the great Chair War of 2006. It was brutal. Bloody. Uncomfortable. Splinters were everywhere. Then the woodchucks came and they chucked wood like we thought they would.


Later we thought plastic and metal chairs would be better, but then came the heat rays and radiation scares. Someone once said ice cream is only a molecule away from becoming plastic, and we couldn't handle the possibility of our chairs turning into ice cream.


Now we just don't sit down 'round these parts any more. It's safer this way, safer for our butts especially. We take butt safety real serious, on account of us only having one butt.


Enjoy your stay, but take care of your butt. You only get one butt! YOGOB.

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*removes chair an kicks it inconspicously out the door...


Ok anime i have been watching recently...


Although its more a cartoon than anime as such but im currently watching Ultimate Muscle from start to finish again as i loved that show so much.


Other anime include the usual suspects such as, Slayers, Hellsing, Ranma, Comic Party.  Mainly comedy is my bag really.

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