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Hi everyone. My name's Shima. Nice to meet you. :)


Honestly, I'd joined Kametsu quite a while ago, but  forgot all about it, thanks to some exams I had back then. I noticed it mentioned on another forum I'm a member of and it suddenly struck me that I hadn't so much as introduced myself here so, here I am.

(It's actually received quite the makeover since I'd joined).


Well, I'm not a student any longer and I do have a little more time than I used to, so I intend to be fairly active here (at least as active as my free time not spent watching anime will allow).


My current top five anime are as follows (in no particular order):


Cowboy Bebop



Revolutionary Girl Utena

Also, I normally prefer watching dubs, though there a lot of exceptions for this as well (the most recent being the Rurouni kenshin Kyoto Arc OVAs).


Besides watching anime, I enjoy swimming, am trying to learn to play the keyboard (honestly should have started maybe a decade ago) and a little bit of reading, writing and sketching on the side.


Well, that's all I can think of about myself at the moment. Feel free to ask me anything you'd like.


Also, in case you'd like to see it, here's my animelist (I try keeping it up to date for the most part):


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