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Please Use the Report System!

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Happy Thursday!

Sometimes when I go through people's posts or open old threads at random like a creepy creeper, I see they have posted in some thread months ago with a request to have it closed or moved to the Farplane/Dead Links area. But the thread isn't closed or anywhere near the Farplane. So I move/close it and wonder if anyone is silently cursing my name because they think I'm ignoring them.

I am but one person. In a perfect world, I would be able to open every single thread on this forum and check for any discrepancies. But sometimes I am sleeping. Sometimes I go to the bathroom. Sometimes I read a book. Sometimes I make dinner and lunch. Sometimes my cat, Willis, is rubbing his butt on my monitors or trying to climb into my arms, preventing me from typing. Sometimes I even leave the apartment! I suspect the same may be said of the rest of our staff--aside from the Willis thing. Everyone has their own distractors.

I personally operate under the notion, as far as this forum goes, that no news is good news, so please--if you want something done, report the thread or report the post! Let us know what you want done! It brings your request to our immediate attention, and I typically check reports before I check the main forum.

And if you notice any of those posts floating around where someone wants a thread closed/moved but it isn't, go ahead and report it, even if it's not your thread.



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I will note this for future refrence, I have thought of doing this in the past but I have been stopped by a certain note on the report page the discourages me in doing reports that are not for objectional content. See Below:

"Please note: The moderator will be made aware of the link to the page you are reporting.

This form is to be used ONLY for reporting objectionable content and is not to be used as a method of communicating with moderators for other reasons."

I am sure that I am not the only one who has thought twice on reporting something like closing a thread due to that note in the report page. To me objectionable content does not cover such things as moving or closing a thread, I would think it better to personally contact a SM rather than use the report system but either way it works. Not that I am arguing I just thought I would note this.

Thanks EO!

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That looks like a default message and not one written by any of the staff. I think it's mostly to discourage its use as a messaging system so, like, if Ren's inbox were perpetually full, no one is supposed to send Ren love letters through the report system.

One time someone posted on my profile thing asking for help and I never noticed it until way later.


If no one is around, it's a crapshoot who's going to come online first. So if you don't care about timeliness or are okay with messaging all of the staff at once, you can definitely use the PM system.

I just don't want anyone to have their inbox filled with requests like these or have one person be picked more often than the others. When it goes to the report box, all of the staff can see it and anyone can deal with it. It leaves their personal inbox free for personal messaging and being bros with people! Not to mention if the superlatives are any indication, if people really think any of the staff are intimidating, they might feel discouraged from contacting any of us directly.

Unless Koby or Ren say otherwise, I don't care if you use the reporting system to let us know a thread needs to be closed or moved. It's better than posting in the thread and never being noticed. I think it's a perfectly legit use of the report system. It's official business, even if nothing is necessarily "wrong".

It's not an open invitation to report stupid or inane things by any means. I'm just trying to make things easier for everyone.

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Putting it that way makes it sound much better, I am sure I would not want my inbox full of reports only to miss out on messages from fellow forum members, plus it is also like you said how do you know they will see it or be online to help with the report. And indeed I would not abuse the feature of the report button nowing there are some exceptions to the report button to communicate with the staff of Kametsu, it would be strictly be for business purposes.

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I'll make a note in the Rules and FAQ. I don't know if anything can be done about that foreboding message, but at least we'll have documentation we're aware of it. I think anything that requires the attention of a staff member (not love letters) should be sent via the system whenever possible/appropriate, but as with anything even slightly authoritative I say, it's subject to change if Koby or Ren say otherwise.

Obviously if it is a matter that only an admin can deal with, and you can identify it as such, trying to get my attention would be pointless because I am as powerless as a dishrag in those matters. (Not even a good dishrag with decent absorption or scrubbing powers. More like those weird thin decorative dishrags with gingerbread men on them.) So if you happen to see them online, you can defo contact them directly about it if you want.

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