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Hey how's it going?

Been watching the americanized animes since I was a little kid. DragonBall Z and Gundam Wing were always my favorites. Watched a few other shows over the years but nothing else really stuck.

I just recently started re-watching Yu-Gi-Oh and I forgot how awesome the show is. Found this forum while searching the show.

Looking forward to hearing about some new shows to begin watching, and to meet some new people.

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Welcome to the forum, dante! Do let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We have several FAQs and tutorials floating around to help you out if you need it. Be sure to take a look through the recommendations threads to see the suggestions of others. There's also a master thread of shows recommended by forum members in that subforum.

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It's a great site, im quite new but the community is cool from what i've experienced so far

i'm sure you'll find a lot of suggestions and help like E.O. said (don't hate me for abbreviating D: )

it's also a fun place as far as small and random talk goes and even some deeper subject discussions

hope you'll enjoy it here

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