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Hey Everyone! ^_^


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Hey guys, my name is Ichiyasha. On most anime sites, I'm usually known as Midnight, especially from the guys at Anime Stadium. I started out being admin on that site when it started and I even came up with their name, but due to their little activity problem it lead me to here. :P

I used to be a hardcore uploader but due to college and Megaupload shutting down, i've been kinda absent on that. I hope to change that though. So while I got lots of torrents to go, i'm so going to finish it up on here. :)

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Wow it's been an hour and already got 3 replies. Thank you so much guys! It's good to meet you guys too. ^_^

Welcome to the forum! It looks like discussion is open about renewing AS and figuring out ways to bring in activity--hopefully it turns out okay for you guys.

Make yourself comfortable in the interim, haha.

Is it the topic I responded to or is it a different one? I'd love to see it if it isn't the one i responded to.

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