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looking around for squall, and selphie...


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Hello I am Minks, or really whatever else I end up getting called.

Let me see...

Likes: Rei-chan, final fantasy genre, fire emblem, yugioh, zoids, pokemon, programming attempts, anime in general, video games, disgaea...

Misses: People who hold their opinions as the almighty answer to the universe, people who read through your entire post, and after doing this all they can say is the things wrong with your post, rather than respond to what your post is about.

oh and I have an odd habit to ocassionally rant.


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He will. He rarely rants angrily...it is always so random. I know him better than anyone...of course, that should be know surprise since he is my husband. I was talking to him about this forum and finally convinced him to check it out, since it holds a lot of his interest.

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