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Domo Senpais


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I hope to be a useful and constructive member of this community. Being an active and helpful forum poster.

My name is actually Issei due to my parents love of unique Japanese names, but I am not Japanese, however I am somewhat fluent in it.

I like High School DxD because the main character is a perfect image of who I am and how I would act.

I am in a boarding school and I have weird anime moments all the time. It's weird to be me sometimes but I am enjoying life... It's interesting.

I hope to make a good impression.

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Hi, Issei! Seems to me you made a pretty good impression. How do you intend to be constructive? Do you do graphics, write, draw, or make music? Or do you just mean participate in general? Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! (After you take a look through the two FAQs we have and the forum rules!)

Welcome to Kametsu, and I hope you're here for a while!

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