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  1. If you show me a picture, I can tell you the anime but without a list of names to choose from, I don't believe I'd be able to name them unless they were really important or their name was said over and over.for example atreyuavenged's avatar. I can tell that she is from Rosario + Vampire. She was one of the 3 woman after the protagonist and she is a snow-woman. Other than that, without a list of names I could not do anything.
  2. My favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Series is GX. I liked the story more and the characters were odd and unique. Yugi was getting weird around the Oricalcos incident and then the whole "I'm the Pharoh and must find out what happened to me." which was obviously closing the series but still I just feel better with Jaden as the main character, more cheerful and really has the power of "the heart of the cards." it's crazy the amount of times he gets the card he needs. Also GX did not have the weird no sacrifice, 2000 LP duels and the weird interpretation of abilities to benefit the story. I really don't care if 4Kids does continue. Right now it's just a matter if the series will be dubbed or stay Japanese and subject to fan-subbing. IMHO, sub > dub.
  3. I guess he finds it cheap to use already built pokemon and demolish everyone. No doubt if Ash used Charizard in most of his fights in the new series, he'd never lose, even to a water pokemon, seeing as Charizard would just use seismic toss and own everything.
  4. The "OVA" you are talking about is actually a special. The first OVA will be released on September 20, 2012. This makes me believe there will definently be a second season released around January 2013.
  5. Some censoring is just annoying as hell. For example, I clicked on a different mirror for the Anime, Rosario + Vampire and there were bats everywhere they were trying to flash panties. As long as it doesn't annoy me beyond belief, I don't mind censoring, I'd rather there weren't any but what can you do?
  6. Mine would have to be the opening in Tenjho Tenge. It is just really catchy, there are others that I've enjoyed but I can't think of them. Bomb A Head!
  7. Stick with what you got and be yourself. You are you and nothing can change that.
  8. I liked it a lot, especially since the main character has the same name as me. The whole high school scene also appeals me, I like it when animes take place in high schools.
  9. Without some of the characters there would be so many plot holes. But if I had to pick one, it'd be Chad. I just don't see the point of him except to build the story back at the beginning and to give ichigo strength if Chad is in danger.
  10. I got pissed at Rin in the last few episodes for obvious reasons (Kaede) and the creators just forgot about Sia and Nerine near the end. Asa was annoying me near the end and Rin is crazy demented, who cuts their wrists like that?! I was surprised. However it was good while it lasted.
  11. +2=228 I'm about to give up 3 on 1 >.<
  12. Really wish I was on a proper computer damn iPhone. +2=232
  13. +2= 238 Whoops lapse in my counting >.<
  14. +2 = 240 (corrected) Evil shall always lose to Good.
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