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Just a New Guy. Part2


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I am not what I would call one of your normal(ish) anime types. I am an old fogie who put 30 years just riding submarines. Truthfully my guys on the sub got me started watching this type of cartoon and I got to like it. What started me into this was Scraped Princess, FMA, FMP, Ghost in the shell and the Slayer series. To me there was an underling plot with subtle nuances to look for. I see lots of real life stuff so this escapism is nice to venture in.

Currently I watch Fairy tale(luv the comedy) Outlaw Star and for some odd reason Tweeny Witches captured my interest.

I started playing MyBrute and ended up as the Admin for the Forum site after a few years of being a Mod. (I was not the one you wanted to deal with for scamming) When I to join a forum it gets vetted by me first. I like what I saw here.

I see allot of help offered here and that impresses me. I have to deal with much selling of brutes/pupils and the inherent headaches that comes with $$. I'll make suggestions but I don't intend to unless I really see something that will make a impact. This is not my site and I don't wish become an annoyance.

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