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Hey all,

My name is Alex, and I come from Switzerland.

Ain't sure what should I writte through so if you do have any kind of questions feel free to contact me. Hope we'll have a good time together here.

Since I'm really busy with work I won't be able to reply that often ( in the order of chatting of course ) but I'll try my best to reply as soon as posible ;) .

About joining the Kametsu forums, well I've just googling around for some news of some animes I do preffere and I've seen that this forum is alive through so I've though I should check it out :) .

Well that would be from my side for now ? :P

If there are any kind of questions feel free to contact me ;) .


Alex aka Hyper

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Well about me, I'm new on anime stuff through, have seen some of them and I do like some so though I should've trie it out and check some more and so I've seen over 20 animes within 4 days lol.

my fav. anime: Hmm a quit hard decission through.... I've seen some and I would preffere Sora no otoshimono or freezing or elfen lied or... :D .

I'm downloading Elfen lied atm, have googled just good 'bout it, I'll comment as soon as I've seen it through :) .

About my personality:

i'm 28 years old and I do work as a Mechanic Operator where I do have my own team of 10 persons. We're working on a health based industry ( tried to translate it as good as I could lol ) the company is names Synthes AG ( if anyone interested ).

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