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hello all


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Awesome stuff. You should make a thread about it and maybe other people might hop on and play. And what fansubber? Finally, dont double post, just edit your last post please

here is the my website for the ragnarok game http://www.hitorisekairo.nickyzai.com/cp/

well a staff from a malay fansubs but subbed on tokusatsu

as for double post i dont quite understand ..you mean as for new thread??? im so sorry about that

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Wow-ee, calm down, haha. Sometimes activity on the forum is a little slow, but I promise that there generally are people around to talk to you. Make sure to check the chatbox at the bottom of the index page for a little more fast-paced communication.

Take a peeky-peek at the forum rules--just ask if you have any questions and you shouldn't have too many problems around here. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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