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so I joined this site awhile ago but I forgot about it and now I'm back just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

my name is Margrét and I'm 16 years old

I live in the magical place of candy and videogames.

I've been watching anime since my cousin showed me my neighbor totoro when I was 5 years old.

I hope this time I'll remember to check the site atleast once a week : )

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Tell me more about this land of candy and video games. This pertains to my interests.

That land would be my wonderful bedroom ..where I spend most of my time.. I've got hidden stacks of candy all over.. and well the video game part is pretty obvious .. I've got all my consoles except my ps2 but I hardly use that anymore so I'm fine with her being in the family room.

and yes my Ps2 is female and her name is Charlotte but most people call her Char

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