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Greetings Mortals


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I've come to Kametsu to collect souls.....and I suppose some anime as well while I'm at it. :boss:

Now, for some out of character introductions, I am Lord_Arigas. I'm somewhat of an RP nut, but tis been awhile since I've really hardcore RPed, so bear with me. As for why I am really here, it's because I've come to seek assistance. I also noticed that Koby (or was it Kaby?) posted on the main page about needing assistance with the site. I've always been curious and wondered what it'd be like to actually be an admin, and to assist others and to post updates on a regular basis.

However, I don't think I could uphold such a position if it required alot of dedication. I am a college student, and am currently in my Spring semester. In fact, I'm in the computer lab right now typing this post, to kill time until my class starts at 2 PM EST.

In any case, I look forward to meeting the members of Kametsu, as well as the head of the site. Looking forward to a reply or PM sometime later today or tomorrow. :matrix:

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Nice to meet you Yuna. In any case, there's a colleague I've met yesterday who has his own anime website. He doesn't have many members, but he gave me his site and screen name, and asked me to join his site, as he is lacking members. I thought to myself "Hm...perhaps there's a way where Kametsu as well as my colleague can benefit from this."

So, I figured perhaps I was wondering we could add my colleague's site to Kametsu's links, and in return, Kametsu's link on his page. I'm still fairly new to learning this stuff, and just wondering how this works, and how to go about this. ^_^

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