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  1. First pokemon and digimon when I was really young, then sailor moon, then escaflowne and dbz and then came along inuyasha and I had an official addiction. couldn't stop watching anime after that! although i've been lax recently (due to the lack of internet i have yikes..) I got my roommate hooked on FMA! =D ( i own the dvd's and movie so currently watching that and a lot of other shows I have on dvd. having no cable is kinda nice when I can finally catch up on other shows =D)
  2. nice :D.............

  3. 5/10 for lack of reason for your rating, but really for your awesome avatar!!
  4. My Latest CD is: Breaking Benjamin. Right before that was: Bon Jovi!
  5. I live in Germany now =) and loving it
  6. Currently watching the original InuYasha =) and Bleach!
  7. welcome to the forum!!
  8. Linkin Park~ Tokio Hotel~ Cinema Bizarre~ Evanescence~ 3 Doors Down~
  9. i'm SO excited!!! i'm waiting for the dub though since thats what I started watching the show in when it came out years ago......and I own the first few dvd sets, and recently started watching inuyasha again....i missed it <3 it was my first anime that I loved soooo much! hheheh
  10. Ghost Hunt - 8/10 a couple of the episodes/cases could've been a little scarier, but they are all really good, especially the case file #7! that case gave me the chills!!! I own the entire series so this is my second run watching it. my roomate is getting into anime and he really likes this one! haha
  11. i've watching the obvious popular two bleach and naruto, but also just starting Durarara!! which seems really good. i love the opening! hehe and I've been watching a lot of older series that I own on dvd lately too
  12. 999,958 this will take a while... lol
  13. welcome to the forum!! hope you meet some great people here! =)
  14. as of now, my fav is TOTALLY Avatar! <3 amazing movie!
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