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Naruto questions

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Lets get one thing straight, Sakura is not the same as Tsunade(their abilities are miles apart). There situations are completely different as well. When Tsunade was asked to be the Hokage, the only one stronger than her was Jiraiya(refused the position) and probably Danzo(don't know why he didn't step up). But for Sakura's case, aside from Naruto, there are a dozen more shinobi like Kakashi, Guy, Shukaku, Shikamaru, Neji, Sai who are more powerful, skilled and better fitted for the job.

There may be a possibility(I doubt it though) where Naruto failing to save Sasuke in the end refuses the position of Hokage thinking its his redemption(something like Jiraiya's case). Even in that situation, Sakura won't be selected as the Hokage coz there are better candidates.

So, I don't see any possibility of Sakura being the Hokage.

I agree, there are far too many other more qualified ninja than Sakura to take over. Even if there were to be a Hokage between Tsunade and Naruto, I would imagine it being Kakashi before all else. He already had the support of the other Kage.

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As do I. As much as the show is about Naruto's quest ot become Hokage, I still believe that someone else should hold the title first. He needs to mature more and level up IQ wise before leading a whole village.

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