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Hello folks! Don't be scared, Little Jimmy!


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I just came to say "what's up" to the good folks of Kametsu. :dhh:

My experience is very limited to old VHS tapes and what's been shoing on TV for the past 15 or so years. I may not get some the anime/Manga lingo, so don't be too harsh when I ask what some words mean.

I'm also playing Wii games online, so if you wanna trade friend codes, that fine with me (I don't own a 360 or PS3...yet).

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Very nice to meet you, and welcome to the forum! Don't worry about lingo, I have been into anime for a while and still don't get most of it myself lol. If you have any questions about lingo of otherwise don't be afraid to ask, people here are quite friendly and very willing to help. Well, hope to see you around the forum and happy anime watching:byebye:

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