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Hey Kametsu crusaders!!

The name is J.C. SweetZ & I'm new to the forum.

How did you find Kametsu?

I found Kametsu by going to 'English Dub Kingdom' website & hopping over here after downloading a series of anime in english. Liked it, bought the anime & then decided to come over & finally join.

Whats your top 5 Anime?

I personally have 2 different list.

my top 5 that are NOT forever long ( >100 episodes)

Black Lagoon

Death Note


FMA Brotherhood


My top 5 that ARE forever long (100+ episodes)

One Piece


Dragon Ball Z/Kai


Fairy Tale (I know they're not at 100 eps yet, but they will)

What your top 5 Video Games?

Breath Of Fire III

Legend of Legaia


Valkyrie Profile 2

Final Fantasy VI

What are some of your hobbies?

I DJ, I play with my dog (Vash The Stampede), eat & sleep.

Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have?

I don't do graphics, but I want to learn.

I have a Mac computer so if anyone wants to teach me, please hit me up.

If you wanna ask me something, go ahead! I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

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