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Hello Kaetsu!


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I'm Mar, I've gotten addicted to anime recently after getting casshern for christmas. since then I've seen alot of cool animes, and eventually found this place looking for dubbed only content.

I don't have much to offer, except sharing a little about myself and my previous hobbies.

soo lets see.....

my passion growing up has always been about 3D, or well video games. my first game was mario for the gameboy, later mario and duck hunt on the NES.

never the less my intrigue carried over to sega geneis up until the N64 was released. worked so hard to save up for it, and bought it and GoldenEye.. of course I eventually bought MarioKart64 ... among my other favorites like starfox, perfectdark and smash bros

I really got interested in 3D about the time I got a gameshark for N64, and was able to walk through walls and was able to add a whole new layer of discovery and wonder to my games.

oh course it was all down hill after that, I currently own every system there is now. and have dabbled in game modding.

by game modding, I mean altering something in a video game that normally was not suppose to happen. basically re-living that time me and my N64 walked through walls ^,^ oh joy

since highschool I was collecting games, and collecting the 3D models within. ultimately placing them into a 3D sandbox environment. better known on the internet as Gmod.

through that my skills with 3D editing (3dsmax) have slowly but steadily increased. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I likely know alot more then the average max user. :P

..but I'm a bit burnt out at the moment, and anime seems to be becoming a great escape. :D

sadly doesn't seem I can just grab and run, so I was hoping you guys could help me build up my post count, so I could indulge myself ^>^ what do you say ?

to get some conversation going, let me post some images of some things that I was able to do over the years modding games.

1.) Mario Kart!

..I didn't make it, but its cool


2.) My First game HACK!

..but I hacked off the wrong things :(


3.) Try, and Try Again

:) a little research yields results


4.) My Second Mod

yay, her arms don't move ~_~ copy and paste.. not always that great


5.) Mar on your face!!

Not my finest work, but I Mar'd her face O_O


6.) Soul Calibur? or Fantasy Calibur?

Chocobo Warrior!!

image101nx.th.jpg 0000550000551921680101image429.th.jpg

7.) A NEW ERA!

WIN, 360!


8.) ... RRoD..

uh.. enough said

9.) Wiiiiiiii

..really Wii


10.) First Character Model

Serge, from ChronoCross

image5jz6.th.jpg 1234si9.th.jpg

11.) Second Character model

Gally from Battle Angel


12.) First 3D Render

Sweet, Movable limbs


13.) First Gmod Ragdoll Mod^_^

Models relived


14.) First 360 mod

..Kasumi's was a bit blue that day


15.) Ada Chambers

Modding ResidentEvil4

01ol0.th.jpg 25gxnas_th.jpg

16.) Level Up!!

Rendering/Modeling Skills Increase

lockerroom1.th.jpg 43gfhq3.th.jpg

17.) Level Up!!

Modding Skills Increase

al1006131551binout.th.jpg al1007030933.th.jpg x2mazo_th.jpg

18.) HD Capture Card

Wow.... 1080p O_O its amaaazing..


19.) Helping Others!

..Dead Fantasy Style


20.) MAIOKART64!!

..come on you knew it was coming ^.^


I hope these are 20 good reasons to help my see some good anime ^_^ hehe



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