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I am new; I now say, "Woo!"


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Just registered after finding this from the English Dub Kingdom. After readin' the sticky I decided to post. I've played more RPG's than I can count or remember them all (not everyone I've played was as memorable as, say, FF VII or Lunar SSSC) but I'm currently playing Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. I got it at the same time as Golden Sun Dark Dawn but as much as I liked the originals I just find the story a bit boring.

I do like messing with Flash but I'm not very good at drawing so I've never made much with it.

I may not be active here everyday, but it's on my bookmark bar thingy so I'll probably pop in a few times a week so.

So to say goodbye for now I'll use a phrase I learned years back when watching the completely balls-to-the-walls crazy anime Excel Saga:

Tonzura Koite!

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