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Welcome there mate, hopefully you won't be newb for long once you get to know the place! ;D

Starter rules indicate you first need to achieve 5 non spam posts in order to access downloads (Need to wait around 30 min for upgrade after), then continue being active as much as you can be to the length of at least one post per week and finally you need to check out whats to offer here while enjoying the site!^^

Speaking of anime, if you're interested in shounen there are alot of anime to go around, i can give you a few personal favorites and you can check em out:

One Piece

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Dragon ball Z


Shaman King

Yu Yu Hakusho

If you're interested in sports/games type of anime:




Inuzuma Eleven

Immortal Grand Prix

All of em are english dubbed! I can list you more but i don't wanna waste the thread! xD Well hope you stick around!^^

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thanks muchly

i've watched all of FMA and DB, DBZ and DB GT and loved most of them

only checked the first ep of One Peice out so far but it didnt grip me, might check out a few more and see if it picks up.

havnt heard of the other 3 but will check them out now ty ^_^

tho not really into the sports/games type of anime but thanks anyway

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You won't be disappointed with One Piece that i can guarantee!^^

Speaking FMA, you are aware that a new series of FMA namely brotherhood has aired yes? :P Just being sure that you aren't mixing it with the old series coz brotherhood is much different and way better!

Soul eater is another choice of shounen for you to watch as well i might add.

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