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Lets talk about Nen (Hunter X Hunter)


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I know you must have heard this before but lemme say this again, Nen is the best power system in any shounen period. When something takes 3 full episodes to explain that thing gotta have some depth. I mean it isn't something as simple as kamehameha nor it is some complex wizardry. I have recommended many people Hunter X Hunter and after they watched it, I asked them what did they like about it. Not a single one of them mentioned Nen. I mean comeon! I had to point out and explain to them the greatness of Nen. Some spoiler territory here. So when Gon loses his mind and transforms, I rolled my eyes and said here is another of the shounen troupe, asspull power up. But the moment pitou said what gon is actually sacrificing, oh my god was I not suprised. I knew that HXH is an anti-shounen but this was just Wow. That moment made me completely believe that HXH is one of the best shounen. Dont you guys think Nen and HXH as a whole is underrated.

P.S: Sorry for any bad formatting. My first time posting. And sorry for my below average english. English is not my mother tongue which you guys might have guessed by my username.

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