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a new user that wanted to talk a little about Lupin III


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hii! there i'm ZelineF and i love Lupin III! are any of you ladies & gents fans of Lupin III? 

what is Lupin III? it's a very old school Anime dating from the year 1971 created by Monkey Punch, and it is really great, Lupin III is the third generation from the Arsene Rupan empire who's main goal is to steal every treasure in the world without fail and without getting caught by the cops! it's a thrilling ride of a Anime and Lupin is not alone
the fastest and quick thinking Gunman Jigen Daisuke always helps Lupin with his plans and adventures!
the old fashioned Samurai Goemon Ichikawa XIIIth that can cut anything with his trusty katana Zantesuken! 
the gorgeous, sexy and mysterious Mine Fujiko who always tries to steal the treasures from Lupin 
and lastly the steadfast and strong hearted Inspector Zenigata that does his best to capture Lupin and put him in jail 

it's a Anime full of humor, bromance, love troubles and action! 

so far there's been produced 
37 movies (some short, others cinema length)
5 seasons of the Anime (S1 = 23 EPs, S2 = 155 EPs, S3 = 50 EPs, S4 = 26 EPs and S5 = 24 EPs)
i really have to excuse my English it is self taught so not the best tee hee 😛

thank you for reading and have a great day! 

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