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Hi there from Germany


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Hi Guys,

I'm from Hamburg, Germany and I'm in love with animes. I like ANimes, Visual Nocvels, J-POP, K-POP and so much more. But I'm not only interested about the "Otaku's World", I'm also interested in the culture and religion of Japan. In the last time I think about study japanlogy but i'm not shure because i also love the biology especially botanc and microbiology/fungi. Actually i'm interested in the Tea ceremony(japanese), woodblock print by hasui and many others and good books about japan. The problem is that my english actually isn't fine enough for well reading these books but i give it a try. Why is this a problem? The answer is easy: there a really less books about Japan in german!

I I could be a productive part of this forum. If someone would know more about the tea ceremony, please ask me.

In hamburg there is a Teahouse and from time to time I joined the Tea ceremony as a guest and can drink the awesome Matcha Tea from a real japanese Chawan Bowl, that's really cool!


Best regards


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