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Hello everyone! My name is Andrew and it's a fantastic thrill to be here! I hope to get to know many of you and form great bonds of friendship! :D

Well, that's what I secretly think, but would normally never say. Introductions put too much pressure on me. Perhaps that's one of many reasons I have so few friends in the real world.

I'll stop right there before it gets too depressing - I tend to be a downer!

Typically I spend a great deal of every day analyzing the actions of people around me as a hobby. Lately I've been thinking of majoring in psychology, it takes someone truly psychotic to understand all aspects of the human mind.

This post should end about now. Most generic introductions typically don't go beyond a few simple sentences. However, this is one reason I exist - to violate social norms. You could say that my entire life is one awkward social experiment.

I'm actually a very fun guy (:

I'll be going now, most likely to bed but first, I would like to leave with you with my favorite new word-


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