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Heylo I gues


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I live in the US, maybe.

I'm over 240 months old, maybe.

I also am male, so yeah what a turn off...


I don't have a favorite Anime.

I have a special place in my kokoro(probs last time I ever do that) for my childhood Anime's though:



(GT is in a weird place but its somewhere there)

Digimon (2 or 3 of them actually)


Saint Seiya

Pokemon(1st 3)


Cowboy Bebop(Beginning only)


Currently, sadly, I'm almost full of Anime and I need a new HDD. Hopefully, it'll be bigger than my back-up HDD so it can be my new back-up. I have over 200 series (at least 90% 10-bit 1080p DA) and I don't mind sharing.


I don't consider myself an elitist(like at all), actually despise them but nevertheless I understand where they are coming from. Ecchi/NoPlotWhatsoever has become too mainstream but I think Anime will be fine in the long run, we're at a transition into Anime's Golden years( I believe wholeheartedly).


Any questions don't feel shy and ask.

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