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Praise the Sun fellows!


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Found the forum during a long streak of googling the proper watch order for Berserk, given how I had a long day of watching Hajime no Ippo after a recommandation of a VERY visually inclined youtuber, the background art just seemed to strike a chord so I decided to join.


Generally I'm very bad at "Top X lists", because I always feel like the end result doesn't do reality any justice, but I generally like anime from the serious shonen all the way to the romantic comedy that doesn't take itself seriously, I guess the only real criteria I have nowadays is substance over time. Been watching plenty of the old 50+ episode ones when I was younger, and the Big Three as well for a few hundred episodes, so nowadays I'm even picky within the 12 episode series as well. In short, it could be about anything, as long as it doesn't drag my time pointlessly. Honorable mention as the still-favorite goes to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


As for videogames, I like RPGs as well as art centric games(those that try to be more "art" than "games"), but most of all fighting games, hardcore games like Dark Souls and Monster Hunter, and most action packed esport viable ones.


Hobbies is a hard question, you could say music and movies, since I spend a considerable time listening/watching compared to the average "let's sit down and see what's on the TV". I also played the drums for a while, but it's on a hiatus at the moment because I moved to the inner city a few years back(rip the whole street if I were to assemble the set for a jam). I drew quite some, years back, nowadays I mostly don't(usually just do some stream layouts when it's needed, but that's more disciplined work than art).


Guess any older member has a general picture of the face I show online, but feel free to ask if something interesting is missing!

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