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Hey y'all!


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Like many of y'all, I'm suffering from a bit of post-Nyaa depression.  When I was looking for a fansub of Girls und Panzer der Film just now, I stumbled upon this community, and it seems real nice!

My top-rated anime are mostly consensus favorites (Madoka, Hyouka, K-On!, etc.), but one I don't see mentioned too often these days is School Rumble.  I guess some folks might find it to be a bit dated, but I love it—and having started rewatching it recently, I know it's not just rose-colored glasses.  It's got tons of funny moments, lots of great couples to ship, some top-tier best girls to argue about (twin-tailed tsundere Eri and literal angel Yakumo chief amongst them), and a wonderfully unique MC in Harima.  And the OST, while not exactly blessed with sumptuous arrangements (read: it's almost 100% MIDI), is full of tons of surprisingly catchy tunes and leitmotifs. Plus, there are a few choice character songs; I'm partial to Harima's "銀河沿線 ’05 (Ginga Ensen '05)," which is both hilarious at the point it plays in the show and a great karaoke torch song.

Over the past few seasons, my favorite anime have included Kemono Friends, Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, and Yuri!!! on ICE.  This season, I'm most enjoying Sakura Quest and Tsuki ga Kirei (as well as the inescapable guilty pleasure that is Eromanga-sensei).

Other than watching anime, I also enjoy playing guitar, coding, and (as of the past few weeks) cubing (solving Rubik's cubes), although I've got a ways to go on mastering all three.

I've always tended towards being more of a lurker on forums, as I'm not much of a conversationalist, but I do enjoy helping people out in whatever small ways I can, whether it be with providing a basic translation (I'm trying to teach myself Japanese), typing up a transcript of a video, or finding the source of a piece of fanart, manga panel, or anime frame.


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